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Improve by yourself or have fun in a team - Running

Follow 1-to-1 training to meet your goals or signup for a Team Challenge and train with others.

“First 10k or your better half yet, be sure we will have a lot of fun”
Tom · FM Team Coach run Analysis/Kiné/Ultrarunner

Get access to premium Testing

What gets measured gets managed. Develop your wellbeing via professional tests supported by the top testing brands and specialists.

“The only way to know you better is to test you”
Mark Fassaert · FM Team Head Coach
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FM Team is tailored to you

Mix those two amazing activities in one package and discover the wonders of cross-training.
Let us call you and explain
We build and help triathletes. And have amazing time racing together. Fancy a new challenge?
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Learn or improve via group classes, monthly analytics and personalised programme.
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A trail is a trail, both Mountain and City. We do not know the question, but we know that Running is the answer.
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FM Team = Community

We’re on a mission to empower  people  to transform their ideas and desires into reality.
We’re looking for passionate individuals with a love for life and desire to find their own mission.
Marc Fassaert -  Founder of FM Team

FM Team = Collaboration
These are the people who make it all possible

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