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Lactate Test
A test where your lactate levels and heart rate values are measured at different intensity levels.

This can be done for cycling or running. The results of the lactate test allow us to determine your lactate threshold and provide an indication of your current condition. We can use these parameters to develop your cycling or running in the most effective manner to reach your personal goals.

Afterwards, we analyze and discuss the results.

The total duration is approximately 1 hour.

No strenuous exercise should be done 48 hours before the test and you are not allowed to do anything 24 hours prior.

Please, eat something 3 hours before testing and only drink water.
Swim Analysis
The goal of a swimming analysis is to make your technique more efficient so that it takes less energy to make the same effort.

Several cameras above and below water register your swimming style,  and our coach then analyses the footage.

You will receive a clear feedback report with the points of attention, as well as the exercises that should improve your swimming style.

Swim Training
Swimming is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or sports experience.

It is the ideal sport to work on your condition and sets all the muscles in your body in motion.

A good technique is indispensable if you want to be able to enjoy this sport injury-free and in a relaxed way.

During our training sessions, new techniques are taught and specific technical exercises are performed to improve your swimming style.

We improve your condition with specific training sessions, always under the guidance of our coaches.

Core Stability
A strong core and total body coordination is important for multiple reasons.

Preventing injuries, improving sports performance and improving general posture.

By properly training your back, abdominal, buttock and hip muscles, you can ensure that complaints of the back, groin, hamstrings, knees and ankles arise less quickly.

With the right exercises, given by an expert, we work on a core stability that is in balance.

FTP Test
During this cycling test, your maximum power or the wattage  you can sustain for 60' is examined.

The result of this is called FTP, which stands for Functional Threshold Power.

A common method to determine your FTP is a 20 or 60 minute cycling test, during which you have to exert maximum effort. The average of this value is used to calculate your FTP.
Another way to determine your FTP is a steep ramp test.  The power increases every 3' and stops when you can't push the pedals anymore.  Your heartrate will be monitored during this effort.
Lactate measurement is possible during this test. Depending on your level we will decide which test suits best for you to determine your FTP.

If you know your FTP, you can train in a targeted manner, as well as take certain cycling routes in a controlled manner.
Schedule and Follow Up
Everything revolves around you!

FM TEAM guides its members in a personal and scientifically substantiated way to achieve their goals. In consultation with you, we look for the right training approach to get the most out of your efforts.

As a club, we use the Trainingpeaks platform in which your schedules and follow-up happen.

With regular testing, we monitor the progress you are making and adjust your schedule where necessary

Running Technique
Proper running technique is important to be able to run efficiently and injury-free.

The way your feet touch the ground, your arms and torso move while running will largely determine your energy consumption and speed.

During running technique training, emphasis is placed on every part of running with targeted exercises.

Also stride frequency, warm-up and stretching are discussed during these training sessions.

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Swim Analysis
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FTP Testing
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FTP Testing
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